Top 15 Ecommerce Website Examples For Photographers And Creatives

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To establish a strong online presence for your business, your company’s branding should stand out to the target audience. This refers to the practice of making your brand more memorable by repeating design elements. Since the company only has two products available, the product pages allow switching back and forth between them. These pages also contain additional product information in sections that match the overall aesthetic of the website. Customer reviews and questions act as elements of social proof. With a clean layout and tons of white space, the Japanese goods company presents its brand identity through its eCommerce website design.

One of the best things about the Package Free Shop is its plastic-free packaging. This is one of their USP’s, and they make this well known in both their header (where they also offer free shipping for orders totally $25 or more) and further down their homepage. The copy on Austin Eastciders‘ homepage is pretty impressive. Once you scroll past their impressive video banner, you reach a slideshow highlighting their favorite products. What Charlotte Stone do well is that they don’t force sales on you. They just want to get you to sign up for their newsletter, they do this by changing the colour of the background every few seconds on the sign up form.

I’ll cover the key points here, but you can always check out this in-depth tutorial on WooCommerce setup from Hostinger that walks you through each step of getting your store online. Once you’re sure, click “Finish Setup,” and Hostinger will start building your site. For now, you can choose a free theme that looks good, or just skip this step and finish setting up your website. Over time, you’ll work with different themes to find out what you like. Payment processing and shipping are other common ecommerce challenges. Getting into the ecommerce industry now is your chance to win a share of the growing profits.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can establish your brand and get the word out. Online shopping is standard and common for most product categories. 10 of the most successful ecommerce product pages (+ examples you can steal and apply). Jewelry maker Pandora does a great job at suggesting related products for its customers. As Neil Patel puts it, you have to “sell benefits, not features,” which means that you have to emphasize the result, not the product. Many people are interested in details, especially when it comes to expensive products.

For eCommerce websites, a premium WordPress theme is a good option as they have good customer support and are even more customizable. Buyers either can make the payment through a payment gateway like PayPal or they can use their credit cards. Customers are usually asked to place their orders by filling up a form. There, they need to provide all the necessary details like the delivery address.

The Camera Company

Shift4Shop is excellent for companies that want the freedom to customize. However, it’s worth noting that there’s no mobile app for Shift4Shop, and it the customer support is somewhat limited. If you’re new to the world of website building, Squarespace makes it easy to start loading your inventory up online. There are tons of features to explore within the platform, including email marketing and social media integrations.

First of all, they kept an insanely simple and efficient page layout that makes it really intuitive to browse. Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used, famous CRM and sales management tools. We couldn’t end this article without mentioning at least one notable business solutions provider.

Every successful online business starts and ends with a great website. After all, your first sale isn’t going to happen by itself. This famous, subscription-based French-American website sells monthly beauty boxes delivered to your home with personalized products based on your preferences inside. is a famous British home furniture ecommerce website renowned for its bold designs and web-to-store experience. Peak Design is an American ecommerce company that has successfully raised over $14M since 2011 thanks to its clever bags, pouches and travel kits made famous on Kickstarter. Simply put, they use extremely long product pages where they cleverly use storytelling techniques, photos, and videos to justify the hefty price at which they sell their products.

e-commerce website example

After that, you can choose from any of the free WooCommerce themes. These themes determine the basic layout of your online store, but of course, you can customize them to fit your brand. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile phones, takes too long to load, or has lower quality product images, you’ll lose business—lots of it.

Toptal Designers

First on our list of examples of ecommerce websites is Spotify. They use a clean black and white theme with colorful images to catch users’ attention. If your website is cluttered, poorly laid or hard to navigate, your customers wouldn’t want to spend time browsing through your products or services.

In 2018, 11.9% of global retail sales came from online purchases and this is only set to increase year on year. Recently I just wanted to open an e-commerce store to sell my own products but I didn’t know enough about opening a shop in e-commerce platforms. So I searched a lot for a step by step guide for it but I didn’t get something very helpful. Finally, I got your article and you have described all the things that I was searching for. The number of people turning to e-Shopping is only going to rise as time goes by.

When choosing a template, make sure it has a mobile-friendly and responsive design – it’s crucial for your online store’s success as more and more people shop on mobile devices. Though it might look unconventional, this works in its favor, as its design elements set it apart from other eCommerce websites. The website also illustrates why minimal design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also helpful in drawing the visitors’ attention. With a plain background and plenty of white space, customers aren’t distracted from the large close-up product photos.

Barron Designs

She also dabbles in food, portrait, fashion, and architectural photography. Clive Grylls is an accomplished photojournalist who specializes in capturing ‘conflict’ – between men, man, and animal, or man and the environment. His pensive observations from unique vantage points have produced some remarkable visual stories from India, Nepal, and many other culture-rich locations. Rachana Reddy describes herself as a fashion entrepreneur dealing in niche fashion accessories with a penchant for bringing artful concepts to life.

The bags are meant to work as all-in-one tools for carrying your camera gear effectively. There are slots for lenses, different camera types, and tons of compartments for any other individual camera gear that would otherwise e-commerce website end up in a pile of clutter. It is very reasonably priced, given that this is a unique product and serves a great purpose. We like Farer’s design because it has been built directly to support a brand’s message.

Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. If starting an ecommerce site is something you’re considering, make sure you do your research before you start.

The website design of this ecommerce store relies on giant photos of its products on colored backgrounds. This ecommerce store example sells prints and iPhone cases. The prints are leaning against different colored pieces of paper, which makes it more interesting.

  • The cheapest plans for BigCommerce start at a monthly fee of $29.95.
  • They also use a thicker font, which makes for both easy readability and a unique aesthetic.
  • There’s a 14-day free trial available to get you started, followed by a $29 per month cost for basic Shopify.
  • However, a single-page checkout isn’t perfect for all businesses.
  • What they do well is that the background images help to tell you more about the product.
  • With that being said, it’s extremely important to display additional products on your product pages in case your visitors just want to see something else.

Not only are their images extremely high-quality, but the photos are shot in a scene that fits with the brand’s aesthetic. Dainty Jewells is a women’s clothing store that portrays elegance in their web design — making it a great example of building brand familiarity. This clothing store integrates their brand’s simple peach and white design throughout their website. Just like Apple and Spotify, Lush’s website opts for a contemporary and simplistic black and white website design. This model allows the photos of their colorful products to stand out on the page.

But you capture all the customer data you need within 6-to-8 fields. Building an ecommerce platform can be tricky, and without the help of experts, it is a project that can quickly fall apart. Having a complete understanding of the tools you’re working with. All of that speed and security doesn’t mean a thing if the store goes down regardless, due to network errors or hosting problems. Organizations don’t have to worry about that with BigCommerce, as our hosted ecommerce platform has an average uptime of more than 99.99%.

Bold Colors And Fonts

Visitors can click on an item to see zoom-in images from different body angles. This feature gives the buyer a sense of how she would look when she does put on the Pocketto outfit. At no point does Pocketo’s interface look repetitive, filling up just enough space to show content and value. Clean visuals, a simplified online store, and precise categorization make for delightful user experience on this platform. Henry’s online store lets visitors vicariously experience human-free environments in all their natural colors and tones.

e-commerce website example

The navigation menu does a pretty effective job of making the site as user-friendly as possible. Product pages offer visitors the option to add on other related products at discounted prices. The product pages are extremely well-designed with large header images and lots of detail about the books and authors. This Shopify website uses some images on the homepage that include movement.

Provides A Compelling User Experience

Professional photography and user-friendly website provide an equal balance between a clean aesthetic and a responsive design. The website has a feeling of adventure and liveliness that is carried through the appealing photos on this ecommerce store. Wix is one of the few website building tools available today that offers a free-forever option. You don’t need to pay anything for your site unless you want to upgrade to more features. This could make it a great alternative to WordPress for some people.

Static Content Site

Attractive and functional layout – Showcasing the products effectively will bring better results. If you’re looking to build your own e-commerce website, we recommend Shopify. The story behind Black Milk is authentic, from having no money to invest in materials to getting access to what you can and creating something unique. This fashion line is popular amongst those who love to express their freedom and their free-thinking spirit through their clothing style.

Increasingly, companies are using advanced psychological research, and in order to drive more engagement and purchases, have turned what used to be an art into a science. Persuasive design in e-commerce is a very effective way to garner more purchases. Shoppers always look for special offers, discounts, or best deals. Make exclusive offers visible so shoppers know about them. Even if the price differences aren’t that great, the psychological sense of saving some money creates an illusion of having an upper hand.

Best Elements Of Zokus Homepage:

A well-executed ecommerce email marketing campaign can drive repeat traffic to your website and maximize conversions. Before you market, however, you need to build your email list. Enable ‘guest checkout’ for first-time shoppers and prompt them to register an account with you after completing their purchase. Category pages help organize all your products and facilitate discovery.

Choose The Best Website Builder

The unfolding menu on the right-sidebar has only a few straightforward selections, giving room for simplicity. Along with the entire online shopping process, Fips also includes Google Maps, subscription form, social icons, quick buy, and more. Selling products through an online shop is the best way to make a bit of extra money.


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